parallel universe

lately i’ve been obsessed with the idea of parallel universes. i started watching every video i could on the subject on youtube. i bought Fred Alan Wolf’s book Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds – which is fascinating! (check it out! i’m so excited! i can’t! stop! using! exclamation points!) and i even started writing a song (that may go on the new record) about lovers that aren’t together in this world but are united in a parallel universe. here are some of the lyrics…

parallel universe / where u and i exist / intergalactic / sex / magic / bliss

we can’t be denied / stepped onto the other side / can’t turn back now / gotta know what this world is

just because it’s not reality / doesn’t mean that it’s not real / i’ve touched you in a thousand dreams / i know your depth / i know your feel…


more to come…



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